Monday, April 26, 2010

Night Surprise - Stick Insect

The night at our guest house was a great night, however. It was really cool and we all had to stay inside to avoid catching a cold. However, before getting back indoors, I found something that made me do otherwise.
On the front porch was this long stick insect, one of the biggest I've seen so far in India. I started photographing it as it stay still on the porch, ignoring me and my camera flashes.
Soon, I decided to get it onto my hand and let it crawl over me. I got my cousin to take some pictures of it on me. Once I got it onto my palm, it became active and started walking around my hand. Guess it was 'day dreaming' all the while. I let go of the stick insect onto some nearby plants, and then went indoors to sleep.


Müge said...

This is a very interesting insect. You can easily make a mistake and take it for a piece of wood, no? I first saw it during my trip to Costa Rica this year. I don't know if it exists in my country.

This is my first visit to your blog and it's wonderful.

Congratulations and best regards,

Müge (from Istanbul/Turkey)

Anonymous said...

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IndianWildlifeClub said...

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sebi_2569 said...

nice blog;and nice photo; bravo

Shawn said...

Hello Muge,

Thank you for your visit, and for leaving a kind comment. Yes, this is indeed a fascinating insect. I've seen several here in India, and a few in Singapore too. Hopefully you can find them in your country too.

Hi Anonymours, thanks for your comment.

Hello Indian Wildlife Club,
many thanks for your invitation! I'm really pleased; I will check on it as soon as possible.

Hi sebi2569, thanks for your kind comment!

walterbayliss said...

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Shawn said...

Thank You Walter Bayliss!

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