Friday, April 2, 2010

No Snakes, Only Skins

A group of workers were removing and placing some large rocks infront of my house one morning. After having done, one of them told me that there was a snake skin found inbetween the rocks.
This was the shedded skin of a common rat snake. Apparently this is the only species of snake still to be seen in these areas. Almost all the other species have wiped out. And now, I am only able to photograph the snake's skin since rat snakes are quick and slither off at sight.


Tom said...

Yes its sad for us nature fans to not find the snakes around anymore. When I was a kid, there were so many snakes around that it was hard not to run into one when you stepped into the undergrowth. They all seemed to have disappeared now. Only the rat snakes left!

Shawn said...

Hi Tom,

Its the exact same condition here in my area too. Just about 5-6 years ago, there used to be many species of snakes, including cobras, rat snakes, vine snakes, kraits, russel's vipers and water snakes. They used to roam our areas and it sure was dangerous to walk alone in the bushes! Now, of course, due to people killing these snakes, only rat snake, which was considered very common, is to be seen now. And now even the rat snakes are getting less common.

It's a sad story for these poor snakes.


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