Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back-Bone-Less Creatures

Here are some of the Insects and other invertebrates that I found near the waterfalls. This spider, pictured [below] was seen on its web along the pathway to the waterfalls. It was rather big, about 10 cm in length, and had strikingly attractive colours. It could be a relative of the Golden Web Spider.
A tiny Plant Hopper resting on a leaf.
A Grasshopper Nymph found on the way.


John said...

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Fantastic pictures.
I like your blog.

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Anonymous said...

amazing pics

Shawn said...

Hey John...

Thanks for the comment.
And yes, I would love to join the GGC.

Yeah I'll keep blogging.
I've still got many more creatures to show!

And Hi Anonymous,
Many thanks for the comment.
I'll update very soon.


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