Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Blue Dragon on the Grass

I went to the paddy field again for the last time... Within a few hours I would be leaving my place and head to my cousin's place a few hundred kilometres away for a few days before returning back to Singapore. This time the only thing that entertained me were some birds and dragonflies. I couldn't get most of the dragonflies since they would never some to rest. However one dragonfly let me have the chance of shooting him.
It was a medium-sixed Blue that seemed to be pleased with resting on the plain grass. It seemed to be posing for me by resting on the dead leaf, looking at me with its large and round compound eyes.
Said goodbye to the familiar places and went back home. I was leaving that night so I had to do my packing.


Bluebottle said...

Thats a nice dragonfly, Shawn. I see them a lot but I can never tell what species it is.

Shawn said...

Yeah... true. Many dragonflies look very alike...

Thanks for the comment!


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