Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Striped Hammerhead Worm

This is a species of Hammerhead Worm. In India, Hammerhead Worms are found only in the Monsoon season when rain is heavy. The hammerhead worm can reach up to 20 inches long, depending on its species. Its body is very slimy, which allows it to move along the ground in a gliding motion. The body secretes mucus from glands on its belly or underside. The hammerhead worm is native to Indo-China, but it makes its way around the world by traveling in greenhouse plants.



I've never seen a hammerhead worm before and I was really surprised to have seen one right in my frontyard area. It was quite small, about 8cm in total length. Notice the colours. It seems to share the same colour and pattern of the Striped Kukri Snake.





It looks like this slightly rural area in which my true home is is really presenting me with more and more rare and wilder creatures. 'Trilobite Beetles', Rafflesia-like Flowers and hammerhead Worms. I really hope that this place would grow even more greener and wilder so that I could have a much enjoyable time here.



liewwk said...

look like flatworm


Bluebottle said...

Nice worms! Never heard of them before!

Kanak Hagjer said...

I've seen them but didn't know what they were called. I haven't graduated to worms as yet;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. Will surely be back to see your wonderful shots!!

Shirls said...


Shawn said...

Thanks all for your comments!

Liewwk, thank you for the info and the website.

BlueBottle, Hammerhead Worms also occur in S'pore. If you are lucky you can find them in the nature reserves. Just ask Shirls because she has spotted a few in Singapore already. :)

Kanak, neither am I an expert at worms, but good that you too have seen them.

Shirls, thanks for your comment! It has been months since you last commented!

Aravind said...

I first saw a hammerhead worm yesturday in pondicherry, India. I mistook to be a small snake.

Anonymous said...

It took me a while to search on the web, only your site unfold the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

- Laura

Shawn said...

Hi Aravind, yes, it does indeed look like a tiny snake! I happened to see more of these after coming to India again.

Thanks to all others!

Excalibur said...

Today is 5-29-2011. I just moved some of my plants, and saw three of these, underneath one of the pots. We live in the USA, in Florida. What is so very odd, is that I read that the striped hammerhead worm is native to areas such as India. Well, I grow plants that are native to India - but I grow them from seed.

I have never seen any worms remotely similar to these, despite living in many different areas of the country. Very odd in appearance, and almost "menacing" somehow.

Would be interested in knowing the proper zoological name for it, or actually, I suppose I mean the entomological name.

Shawn said...

Hi Excaliber,

Wow, its really funny to know you spotted these at your place too! I'm no sure about their origin or distribution, but I believe there could be a chance that these worms, like blind snakes, could have been distributed around the world by flower pots. Maybe the ones you saw were the same or a very close relative of the one I've posted here!

Regards, Shawn

Anonymous said...

just found a Striped Hammerhead worm in Sacramento, CA!! identified thanks 2 ur pics

Shawn said...

Thanks Anonymous! Glad to know my photos have helped. :D

Anonymous said...

California, San Fernando. For rid of a tree and thought it was a baby Snake. I have two of them.

Anonymous said...

I live north of Houston, TX and found 2 of these this morning after a healthy rain yesterday. Took a pic to show my dad who does pest control. And since I don't buy plants (black thumb here) I'm assuming they've been here since my house was built and came in with the plants or grass (5 yrs ago). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I had never seen one of these, but found one at work in Branson, Mo today )9/3/13.

When I googled it, it said they are earthworm and slug predators.

Don't want them around my worms!

Anonymous said...

Found 2 in Tamarac Florida tonight

Tania Feliciano said...

My name is Tania i live in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico. It's been raining for days here, and to my surprise one of these worms visited my kitchen, through a window. Too bad i cant post photo of the worm. But you can see it at my Facebook page. Look for me Tania Feliciano Morales. I believe the first post there is the photos of the worm. Unbelivable that a creature from a far away land gor here...


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