Monday, November 30, 2009

Spot The Snake

As I was photographing a small sun skink hiding in a tree hole when some of the students said snake. I was pretty sure that they were calling the skink a snake since they coudn't really see any legs. I tried to explain to them that it wasn't a snake, but then they pointed to the water and said snake again. I looked down. Gosh. They were right. It was a snake.
It was a Dog-Faced Water Snake, a common species though it was the first time I'm seeing one. I quickly tried to get some shots but the snake was swimming away fast. I managed a few shots but they still didn't look clear.
The snake slithered away and I was dissapointed. Anyway, we had to leave it and so continued walking through the path. Just as we finished another turn in the path, my friend called out 'snake!'. I looked beside the path and there was another Dog-Faced Water Snake. However, this one was even more quick and left me in shame witha single shot, even that one was blur.


William said...

Wonder why it was active in the day when its supposed to be a nocturnal snake? Maybe if you want to find more, you could visit the reserves in the evening.

Shawn said...

Hi William,

True! They're supposed to be nocturnal... and they are active in the day! I have no idea why... but thanks for the info anyway.


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