Thursday, November 26, 2009

Final Goodbyes... With A Surprise

All set to leave. Said my final goodbyes to my grandparents and my pet dogs... they already seemed very moody once they saw the huge luggages and the big van. Just as I was waiting for my dad to get out of house, my cousins (who live just beside) ran to me with a blue bucket in hand. I looked inside and saw two big and black scorpions caught inside. Wow! I hadn't seen these scorpions since coming here this time. I quickly took a few shots of the scorpions inside the bucket as I didn't have time to shoot them outside.
It was dark too, so it would be really hard to take photographs of them outside. I didn't want to leave them anywhere here as they could be dangerous, and someone here would just kill them at first sight. So I took the scorpions along and released them in a scrub beside the road a few kilometres away. At least they are more safe there.

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