Sunday, January 4, 2009


Here I am with my 101th post. This is the first post about Day 3 in India. Fascinating huh, how many creatures I've posted within 2 days? Well I felt the same too. I had never felt this way because I still had not spotted a snake. But here, in this post, are 2 creepy little spiders that I found in my search. Unfortunately I could not get a good photograph of this first spider that was nicely coloured. My flash was too intense and made the colours go blank. But before I could turn it to soft flash, the spider jumped off the plant to somewhere else.
The next spider was seen on a trunk of a tree in my neighbours house. It was slightly bigger and had duller colours. I don't know if it had lost its leg, but it seemes like two legs on the right side of its body are missing. Pity. The other side could donate a leg to the other. But thats not possible, you see.

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