Saturday, January 3, 2009

Unidentified Skinks

I have 2 skinks that I have not managed to identify yet. They both look similar to some species that I know, but I am just not 100% sure. The first Skink in here, the much smaller one, looks similar to the Dussemier's Litter Skink, but the colour of the body and tail seems different. The raised part of the eye shows that it is a different colour of the Litter Skink.
The second one that I can't identify is much bigger. It was found basking on a rock at the base of a tree far behind one of my neighbour's backyard. It looks similar to the Sun Skink that can be seen in Singapore, but it is surely not one of that. Anyway, after spotting the skink with my cousin, I went nearby to photograph it. Yes, I did get a picture, but for the next shot, I slowly went much closer to photograph it. And yes, I was in a good position. But, when my camera's flash hit it, the Skink thought that I was about to do something nasty and he ran into the bushes. Gosh! Look what I got in my second picture! A picture of it running away! If he was a bit slower, I could have gotten the whole body. Including its head. But thats what is missing in the picture here.

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