Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Snake Roadkill

It was just about the 7th day of school when my friend and I encountered another snake roadkill. This time, it was a Common Wolf Snake. We were slowly walking across the carpark and onto the field when I noticed something long on the road. Upon taking a closer look, we realized that it was a dead snake. It seemed to be a juvenile, as it was just about 30 centimetres long.
This snake should be a roadkill as it was nearly completely flat. One part of it had already bursted and the insides of its body were out. It was rather smelly too. Here's a picture I took of its flattened head and neck.
After a few minutes we took it nto the grass in the field and took a picture of its ventrum. The picture may seem a bit gross but you will have to see condition of the snake.
Poor Snake it is, also a totally harmless one to humans. Although this is a very common species in Singapore, a life is a life, as I had said in the earlier post. But we can't blame the driver who could have run over this snake as it is a nocturnal species, ehich tells us that it is active at night. These snakes are rather well-camouflaged on the road as their colours are rather similar. Not only that, it should have taken place in the night. Small creatures like these may be totally invisible on the road when it is dark at night. So anyone could have accidentaly run over this snake.
But anyway, this snake is gone, there's no use thinking much about it. After taking my photographs, I used a stick to throw it into the garbage bin and I went off with my hunting.


Adina & Kagome said...

Poor snake... It saddens me to see animals dead on the roadside... Especially when that animal is rare, harmless, or in almost half of the roadkills I've seen: wearing collars. People are so reckless when driving over here that even police have been hit by ignorant idiots! Sometimes I wish cars were never invented, but then again... I'd never see any of my family if they hadn't been. But, this is about the snakes and other animals, not me.

Shawn said...

Hi Adina,

you know, its really common nowadays to see dead snakes on the roads, since there are more roads and vehicles, and less wildlife for these animals to venture. Me too, hope that people are more careful when they drive! Be it a snake, a frog or any other animal, it'd be so much better with one less dead creature. :)


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