Monday, March 30, 2009

The Striped Albatross

I was at school the next day. It had nearly been a month since I last hunted in my school. I rushed to my traps during recess to check if I had caught anything. There was a Large Spotted House Gecko, about 20 cm in length, hiding under the stones. But just as I was about to take my camera out, it rushed into a nearby flat hole. So I went over to the field to find what I could. I noticed a Striped Albatross flyttering around the grass. I waited for it to rest as I got my camera ready. Just as it sat on a grass leaf, I moved my camera through the fence and took some shots.
This is a common species of butterfly which can be found in the urban areas of Singapore. Males are sometimes observed feeding on damp seepages on roadsides in numbers. The females do not demonstrate such behaviour, preferring to feed on the nectar of flowers. Although I seldom look at Butterflies, these special encounters are slowly bringing me closer to them. So that was it for my mini-hunt.

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