Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Best from a Butterfly

I was all set to leave the reserve. For a few minutes I was held up with the students, but as soon we were done, we had to rush to the buses. I left the Visitor Centre and as I walked through the Nature Path leading to the carpark, I noticed a very colourful butterfly about to sit on a leaf beside the path. I was already late, but I was going to take the chance. The butterfly sat, and immediately I took the shot. Here it is.
Comparing this particular butterfly with the other species I have photographed, this one was the most beautiful and attractive one. I was overjoyed as I got onto the bus looking at this photograph. Never have I ever photographed such a beautiful Butterfly. Although I have no idea of the species of this butterfly, I know that this is one very attractive one that I may never get to shoot again. A really gorgeous butterfly it is.


Bluebottle said...

Shawn, I think it is a blue glassy tiger, I do agree that it's attractive! I have seen one too.

Shawn said...

Thanks BlueBottle.

I'm not an expert in Butterflies, but you really are one!

Yes, this is a very attractive Butterfly indeed.


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